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Please keep in mind that Refunds are unavailable due to sanitary circumstances but please email me. 

Shipping questions:

Please be advised when ordering that the "two day shipping" does not mean your order ships within two days, but that once your order ships it will reach you in two days. Expect orders to take a couple days.

  • What's included in my order?

Every order will come with a bag of extras, including a small packet of borax activator, candy and a care card. I am not responsible for ruined products when directions were not followed. Do not add the candy to your slime. 

  •  Where is my slime?!

Please be patient while your order is being prepared, and try to remember I'm only one person and this is a handmade item. While I do work as quickly as possible to get orders out.

  • My slime is tearing! What do I do?!

Slime is meant to be stretchy and squishy when pulled slowly, but when pulled sharply (high stress) it will tear. Slime also tends to feel more rigid when it's cold. Kneading and heating it with your hands will help. Slime will dry out over time, but hydrating it under the faucet or adding small drops of mineral oil may prolong the life of your slime. If you play with your slime a lot and find it is drying out, try running it under water before putting it back in its container. Storing your slime in the refrigerator will prolong its shelf life.

  • My slime is sticky/liquid! What do I do?!

First things first, leave your slime in the refrigerator for a bit, it may not even need activator. If your slime still feels sticky after it has cooled knead the solution slowly into your slime until it has reached a better consistency. Unfortunately, slimes won't last forever. If your slime liquifies, using the activator will help. If you have no more activator, using a borax+water or baking soda+water solution will work. Contact solution will also work, and is probably the best way to ensure that you do not over activate your slime. NOTE: This will not happen with fluffy/marshmallow slimes. 

  • My slime is molding! Help!

Ick! Thankfully, the mold is harmless to the touch, but you probably won't want to keep your slime. This is an unavoidable issue with polyvinyl alcohol - the main ingredient in slime. A few ways to prevent this on your own are to wash your hands before playing with your slimes and making sure to open the lid and wipe out any condensation that has accumulated. However, I have begun to add a natural preservative to all slimes to prevent this from happening. Store your slime in the refrigerator to prevent molding. NOTE: This is much less likely to happen with fluffy/marshmallow slimes.

  • Isn't borax toxic? I saw a story on the internet about a girl who got chemical burns! 

Borax is toxic when ingested in large amounts. Although it may cause dry skin, unless you are mixing other chemicals or are allergic to borax, it is very unlikely you will have any issues. My hands are in a very concentrated borax solution daily, and I have never suffered from any chemical burns or skin problems.